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Crazy Monkey reviews

This is a standard slot machine with uncomplicated-looking characters and primitive graphics, however, from this it does not lose anything. Each symbol and graphic is depicted quite interesting, and the winnings are coming to you. Also cause positive emotions and a variety of mechanics, among which are not only the classic winning combinations but also a few bonus levels. Crazy Monkey slot machine from Igrosoft has a widespread game scheme, which includes 5 working reels in 3 rows each. It is possible to bet on 9 lines. They can be activated not all, there is an option to run 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Spins cost differently, ranging from 1 to 810 tokens, they are distributed evenly among all active features. RTP is unknown, but active players say it is located in the area of 95%, when the offline gaming salons used one-armed bandits with this characteristic from 80 to 90%. The prize combination can be seen often, it starts with the left or right drum and makes a line, where the same picture should be in the amount of 3 pieces. The highest coefficient when collecting bets equal to the size of x5000 when collecting a combination that consists of three Crazy Monkey titles. All wins are added up, and if multiple combos are collected on the same line, the most expensive one is paid out.

crazy monkey reviews


Piter, 29 years old / 02.11.2022 / star icon5
Regardless of the fact that many of my friends and acquaintances often like to zazavisat in casinos, I somehow remained on the sidelines, well, not my thing to be honest. But I thought so, because at some point managed to play, and I liked it so much, you'd know) Crazy Monkey - great slot, I really liked the style and the atmosphere. The graphics are not bad, but you can still be better.
Boris, 27 years old. / 05.03.2023 / star icon5
I do not like where I work all the time, and for a long time I wanted to either change the environment, or to get a much bigger salary. In general, I did not know what to do, and almost out of desperation, decided to play on the slot machines. I advise you to start playing in the demo, so as not to be like me) The first of his delivery lost in pieces, just because I did not know how the machine works. Approaching it wisely - I'm sure you will succeed)))
Alexei, 31 years old. / 06.12.2022 / star icon5
A light machine, which, in principle, looks appropriate. It is not very graphic, you can see that the machine is quite old, but still the atmosphere is still some interesting. In the menu, all the buttons also work clearly, even at an intuitive level, do not get confused. It becomes interesting from the first scrolls, especially since it is possible to earn a bonus for only a few pictures. Another thing worth noting is the high RTP - that's good.
Anna, 41 years old. / 08.01.2023 / star icon5
Probably many people think that girls have no place in gambling, but I am a member of the fair sex, who earns excellent money in gambling. I have already stopped paying attention to the haters, it is pointless to prove anything. I came across this slotv a selection of top classic slots, which were in offline institutions, and then appeared online. I'd recommend that you get better prepared first, and then start playing big.
Sebastian, 35 / 08.12.2022 / star icon5
Crazy Monkey slot is a classic, even though I do not like this kind of gambling slot, but still it is too well made and equipped. Interesting styling, it's quite nice to play bonuses and watch those monkeys. The gameplay has a cool component and some nice extras. Money withdrawn without any problems, nothing prevented me to get it. Nevertheless, you have to come to the betting when you research everything in detail and understand everything.
Casey, 40. / 09.02.2023 / star icon5
For me gambling is a hobby, I was into it when I was a student. And although I used to visit offline casinos, but after they were banned, I gave it up. Then many years later I first tried what an online casino, but there is already an appropriate machine with great graphics, and huge X's. The same freespins worth - gorgeous simply.
Michael, 36. / 10.11.2022 / star icon5
Don't forget that this video slot has the coolest opportunity to play in the demo so that you don't lose all your money as soon as it becomes available. I recommend doing it right away so you don't be like me, because you don't need to lose your entire budget in just a couple of hours of play, trust me. If you play Crazy Monkey wisely, everything will probably work out.
Stanislav, 24 years old. / 11.02.2023 / star icon5
I've never been much of a gambler, just an occasional gambler in places that provide this kind of service. Nevertheless, I only gambled when I had the money to do so, and I never went into debt, so that even if I lost, nothing terrible would happen. Accordingly, the outcome was different, but I personally have never had any problems, as it sometimes happens. I would recommend to visit a trusted site where you will not be cheated for sure. The spread of bets and the number of minimum lines is excellent, I am satisfied with everything.
Valeriya, 25 / 11.10.2022 / star icon5
With this app, you can have a great time here, relaxing your soul. And let you enjoy the music and cool animation. Also do not forget that before the game to scour the internet to search for different tactics, with which you can count on a decent deposit. Modern application Crazy Monkey has a quality design and simple rules. If you are new to this business, it is better to take more time for this, it is quite important.
Maria, 28 years old / 12.01.2023 / star icon5
Certainly face from me, the characteristics of the slot is cool, and tech support from your favorite casino will not let you down, they will always prompt and help in any respect that concerns gambling. Speaking of Crazy Monkey - the machine has a huge multiplier with frequent and small multipliers that you can even find out in advance by looking at its volatility. Acting as the tactic and sticking to discipline you are sure to win. If you like the theme of wild animals and interesting bonus rounds, you will definitely like this. The slot is available to everyone, you can see a bunch of the main entertainment.
Igor, 24 years old. / 13.01.2023 / star icon5
My friends constantly encouraged me to try to play in the casino, the type of perspective and profitable. Personally, I did not believe it at all, until I saw with my own eyes how one of them got quite a big jackpot. That convinced me, so now I actively learned how to bet. Nevertheless, I still need to learn and learn, because so far I'm not so good at it. But I hope that everything is still to come, because I want free money of course.
Alice, 24 years old. / 13.12.2022 / star icon5
With the help of crazy monkey from developer Igrosoft you can get additional income, and the more you practice, the sooner you will begin to win. I used to not even consider this sphere as a way to earn money before, I even trusted crypto. But, as it turned out, it is possible to get big wins in slots. Of course, the winnings are not so huge yet, but I managed to raise about 250k at a time. It is also nice that the money to the purse comes very quickly.
Dmitry, 28 years old. / 15.03.2023 / star icon5
As it seemed to me, and still does, that in the segment of the Russian-speaking Internet there are only a few sites that are honest with their customers t do not cheat them. There is a large assortment there, and you can run any of them you choose. In addition, do not forget about running a demo to gain experience and only after that the transition to the regular cash game. It seems to me that the developers have done a great job, the slot came out great.
Rudolph, 25 years old. / 16.11.2022 / star icon5
I grew up in an environment where gambling was not considered a bad thing, it was normal and commonplace. But personally, I never felt any kind of wild desire to gamble, so this area has never been touched. But when I saw that Kawada had a crazy monkey familiar to me from childhood, I couldn't resist. They managed to bring in a modern form of the same machine, which was then on every step. Personally, I wouldn't advise playing mindlessly, you could end up with nothing.
Vladislav, 26 years old. / 17.11.2022 / star icon5
I went to 1xbet back in the days when you played soccer, and, accordingly, I had a good understanding of what was what, so it was not just a hobby, but also decent earnings in addition to the rest. Then gradually, in addition to betting I got addicted to raffles, and it turned out very well. Then I even came out steadily on the money in the black. I think that, again, the factor that I already had a similar experience with feedback played a role.
Anna-Maria, 35 years old. / 20.02.2023 / star icon5
In crazy monkey elaborate system of bonuses, just like an exciting adventure to go to get the cash reward. It seems to me that constantly look for new tactics, they will give you room to maneuver. Also do not forget to follow the news of the casino where you play, it will also give you a lot of promo codes. This slot machine often gives out great bonus games.
Georg, 42. / 20.12.2022 / star icon5
I never really believed that you can win here, my parents have taught me that only the casino is in the black, but not the gambler. But still decided to try and so far I have not regretted a second. I won about 6 million, and I'm living on that money to this day. Undoubtedly, I was lucky, but I took a risk, and how else would I do it. Decide for yourself, but I'll continue, because I decided for myself that this is my thing.
Marcus, 37 / 21.10.2022 / star icon5
It seems to me that if such a hobby will bring a lot of money, if you approach this activity wisely. So I'm surprised when people don't understand what the machine is, but already have a negative attitude towards it in advance. I adhere to the logic that if you do not know how, then do not sue, it is logical. You just need to play more in demo mode to understand all the subtleties and watch reviews on the Internet. Chic slot, so it is worth winning!
Vladimir, 33 years old. / 22.01.2023 / star icon5
I use only verified sites, where there is a guarantee that I can withdraw the money if I can still win. I started with small bets and gradually moved on to bigger bets. It is better to play more often in the training mode, it is very useful for beginners who have not so long ago started to do this. The main thing to do, however, is to get a lot of money out of your bets, even if the total multiplier is not that high.
Victor, 27 years old. / 24.11.2022 / star icon5
Great game potential of the machine, you can raise a good penny. Easy simple registration, and for the demo game, you don't even need it. Especially since you can then use your social network account or phone number on the site. Replenishment, withdrawal, too, is not difficult, and a lot of ways. Personally, I commend this sensible approach, which makes life easier for players.
Deni, 31. / 26.02.2023 / star icon5
The site is excellent, especially since free gives a good amount, because it is enough for luck to choose a good card and confirm your choice. The monkey has to pull the rope to get information about whether the brick will fall on his head, or enough to get a good answer. I advise you to play with monkeys more often, the site gives such an opportunity.