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To thoroughly review this slot should use the services of a proven casino, for example, Vulkan, Pin Up, Vavada or 1Vin. Your first impression will be that the machine is colorful, bright, interesting and at the same time not complicated. The interface is simplified for the convenience of the player. There are only nine lines with five reels on them. Nevertheless, manufacturers - the company Igrosoft is not limited to this, creating an interesting bonus game, consisting of two parts.

slot machine crazy monkey 2

At the site of your choice you can run the machine for free without even having to register on the portal. However, this option has its own disadvantages, because you will not be able to withdraw the money you win. On the other hand, after registration, you can immediately get access to all the benefits of the slot. You will be able to bet any amount from 1 to 90 credits per line. At the same time the choice of lines up to 9 is available. All users who run the machine in demo mode will get a set of virtual credits, which will give you the opportunity to lose without allowing money losses on your part.

The game will start after you click on Start. The reels will start and you will have to wait until the correct set of token combinations hits. Depending on what you have fallen out will accrue winnings. The special symbol is the logo of the video slot. If you get 5 of these pictures at once you will win a multiplier of x5000 from your bet. The risk game will help you increase your cash reward by a factor of two in order to reach the maximum result. To do this, click on "take or risk" and take part in the proposed mode. Chances for winning prizes are high and all casino players can take advantage of them.

Crazy Monkey 2 slot description

After the player has launched a Crazy Monkey 2 slot free and without registration, he will not notice the immediate significant differences from the first version of the slot. The game will be played on five reels, each with three rows of characters, the number of active lines has not changed - they remain 9 pieces. The player can choose the number of active strips (1, 3, 5, 7 or 9), betting on each from 1 to 90 coins, which determines the total cost of spins: from 1 to 810 credits.

Officially the RTP slot is not named, however known about the biggest winnings, which reaches 675,000 credits. This is five times higher than the same figure in the first version, which came to only 125,000 credits. At the same gift for the passage of the bonus level the developers have decided not to specify, although the first unit this information was freely available. Jackpot in the machine is still no. Prize combinations can be collected in the same way, and to receive a payout to collect a combo of three or more of the same symbol, which must begin on one of the outer reels - the chain paid in both directions. The highest ratio reaches x5000, as in the first version of the slot.

Machine Crazy Monkey 2 has the ability to activate the risk game, which gives multiple times the amount of winnings. The mechanics are uncomplicated: on the screen you will see the dealer's card upside down and four closed cards. Your task is to choose one of them. If you were able to get a card higher in rank than the one opened by the dealer, you get double the winnings and you can continue. If there was a draw, the amount will not be increased, but you can continue. If the card is lower than the dealer's, all winnings will be lost and the standard mode will begin.

RTP and main features

Information Options Mechanics
Type Video Slot Free Spins No Rolls 5
RTP: 95% Bonus Round Yes Rolls 3
Manufacturer Igrosoft Jackpot No Lines 9
Date Creation 2010 Risk game Yes Payments From Both sides
Mobile Yes Multiplier No Theme Multiple

While the slot has pretty simple rules,

In spite of the fact that the rules are quite simple, the game has its own intricacies and secrets which will help you show improved results:

  • Theoretical payout percentage of the slot machine is at around 96% with low volatility, which suggests receiving frequent and small payouts.
  • If you bet in a row of 7-10 spins without payback, you can get a winning combination on the 11th spin with a high probability.
  • Activating more lines will increase your chances of winning. Crazy Monkey 2 will give you winnings on 9 lines, so it is wise to activate them all at once.
  • The application has a medium cycle, so it is worth dividing your entire bankroll over a long distance.

Even such a simple, at first glance, application has its own features. If you know what to expect, you'll get great results right away.

Graphics and interface

Going online the slot interface will get significant changes, especially in the Crazy Monkey 2 version. Here you can see how the interface and gameplay without spending money and registration on the site! All the settings are visible on the left and right side of the drums, and a few game elements will allow you to use the computer mouse. This will come in handy for flipping cards in the risk game, pulling ropes and clicking on drawers. You won't be able to save the machine to your smartphone, but because the software now works in HTML rather than Flash, you can now easily run it in a browser from any device. Automatic scrolling remains the same uncomfortable, because when you win the risk game can not run itself, the computer does all the actions instead of the player. Intervene in this process yourself by clicking on the stop to react, because otherwise a coconut will fall on the head of the monkey, which will end the passage of the level.

Symbols of the slot machine

crazy monkey 2 slot machine description

The slot machine Crazy Monkey 2 has the ability to immediately withdraw money, so gambling fans are so fond of traveling to sultry Africa to participate in the entertainment of jungle residents. If you like machines on a similar theme of the jungle, you should pay attention to the slot Crazy Monkey 2!

Martishki differ in their friendliness and are sure to treat the player to generous gifts.

  • African priest mask;
  • two flyflies;
  • blue moth;
  • green snake;
  • exotic bird;
  • tropical frog;
  • six bananas;
  • Monkeyface;
  • local slot.

winning lines

The Crazy Monkeys 2 slot interface has not changed much. With the buttons on the right side of the screen you can quickly adjust the bet by starting the reels in either manual or automatic mode. With the keys on the left side you can change the number of directions, mute the sound or run the game in full screen mode. Some elements, the same cards in the risk game or ropes in the bonus, give the opportunity to interact directly by clicking on the computer screen. Also, the machine can be opened from any mobile device without downloading various files - just open the machine through your browser!

Gambling machine crazy monkey 2 wild symbol

Playing the bonus is quite simple, you need to get on the playing field a minimum number of scatter (3), which looks like a smiling monkey. Additional level in the machine happens quite often, which is why players are so fond of going to online casinos to play Crazy Monkey 2 from Igrosoft for money. The bonus is exactly the same as in the legendary version of this game. You will be transported to a field where five ropes are hanging from the treetops. Pull them, and if you choose correctly should fall bananas, which will bring a bonus. If you're wrong, a coconut or an anvil will fall on the monkey, ending this round.

If you're lucky, you'll end up on the second level. In this level you will see two stone statues. There are changes from the first part. Earlier you couldn't quit and didn't risk your winnings, but now you can decide for yourself if you want to take your winnings or try your luck and find new treasures. nevertheless you can see a spider in one of the stone sculptures and after that you will lose all your winnings. The secret of the bonus round is that if you make a linear beta back in the first part with the ropes, you'll have an extra chance to escape. If you drop a heavy object after making the wrong choice, the monkey will hide under a mushroom cap. This feature was also in the first version, only there the protection lay in wearing a red helmet.

Crazy monkey 2 play for free

In online casinos can play for free, not even forcing yourself to create an account. Playing in the demo allows you to see in advance all the features and functions of a video slot. Crazy Monkey 2 emulator looks and works using the same algorithms as the real machine to play. Nevertheless, you will not be able to win anything on it, because to play for real money you will need to create an account and replenish it. The risk game is presented as a kind of card game with a mystical croupier. The winner will be the one who turns over a card with a higher rank. This will give you the opportunity to double the amount won or lose it for good. When there are 3 to 5 portraits of the mistress of the machine will start the first round of the bonus. You will need to pull the ropes, opening prizes. If you avoid dropping a brick or coconut from above, you will move on to round number 2. You have to pick one of the two idols to get an extra gift. If you make a mistake and move the idol away you see a spider - you lose and the game ends.

Crazy monkey 2 game secrets from Igrosoft

The Crazy Monkey slot machine often wins decent amounts. Players could only approach the machine, making the minimum bet on one line, and getting right away about 10-20 thousand. Even if you lose and withdraw money to set the three lines can get a bonus and recognize where all the bananas are, so that later guess all the secrets and get increased winnings for a minimum amount of time.

When getting the bonus will need to pull on the ropes, which are only five. You need to go to one of them, pull, and wait for the result - the fall of a brick or banana. The second will bring an additional gift and the opportunity to continue to choose the appropriate ropes. The brick will immediately end the game if your bet was small and you did not get insurance. To win, it is recommended to pull the ropes in a certain sequence instead of chaotic taps.

There is another secret for the bonus. When getting an extra round, you should press a single line key and hold it down until it starts. This method often gives the opportunity to win quickly. To start, you should set the bet at 500 rubles, starting the game on one line with a multiplication of 4 (about ten times) or until the bonus is received. After that, it would be great to go to the fourteenth line, play it 2 or 3 times, and move to the eighteenth line, also playing it three times. If the winnings are still not received, go back and repeat everything again. When you get a winnings over a thousand, you should immediately take them away without continuing to play.

Crazy monkey 2 firmware

There used to be a real 100% method of winning at the Crazy Monkey slot machine. Players put a special chip on the board of the offline machine, replacing it with the original. It stored the virus program, which gave to win time after time. The secretBag chip is a special offering that is not available to everyone. The uniqueness of such a chip is the ability to hide a bug in itself. If it has not had time to install it to the game machine, it will be original to any programmers. Nevertheless, when you activate it in the machine the bug would start working immediately. If you write it to another application the bug is turned off and goes into standby mode until the game would be restored.

crazy monkey 2 firmware

This is not everyone knows, but if you learn the secrets of Crazy Monkey 2 slot machines and other applications from the developer Igrosoft any casino will be a source of stable income for you. Do not count on this huge winnings, but the percentage receive money in particular in the slot crazy monkey, which secrets we will reveal to you, comes to 85%. Often the average gain will be around 1000 rubles, and even more. Knowing all the secrets, tactics and firmware, the probability of winning multiplies than it would a person who does not know this information.

Crazy Monkey 2 - differences from the previous version

The main differences from the previous version are to improve the visual component and improve the soundtrack. Particular innovations are not added, increasing the maximum payout and visually changed the second bonus round. Fans of Fruit Cocktail it fits, especially since the main page has a logo wild resident. The best machines to play is right here, because with their help you will not only earn, but also have a great time.