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Online slot Crazy Monkey (also Monkeys, Crazy Monkey), which created the company Igrosoft back in 2003, appeared in Russia in the days when there were still legal land-based casinos. He is rightfully considered one of the first devices in the Russian Federation, so Russian-speaking gamblers with great experience play it well remembered and respected. Players have not yet forgotten how they made bets on the real one-armed bandits, trying to make money on the merry monkeys. At the moment, there are no gambling rooms, so the developer decided to focus on online platforms, changing the familiar design of the program.

crazy monkey game

Crazy Monkey slot in truth claims a leading position among classic slot games. This is due to the simple controls, bright design and exciting story of the game. If before you had to download the game to enjoy the gameplay, but now everyone can compete with cheerful monkeys without having to register an account, playing completely free of charge.

Game Crazy Monkey slot machine description

This is a classic machine in which all the characters uncomplicated look and have primitive graphics, which does not make the machine less attractive. All the symbols and characters are depicted in a humorous manner, so the naivety of the tokens do not spoil the impression of the application. Also evoke positive emotions and a variety of mechanics, among which are not only the classic winning combinations, but also a few bonus levels.

The slot machine Crazy Monkey from Igrosoft a fairly common classic scheme, which works 5 reels in 3 rows each. Bets can be placed on nine lines, some of which can be turned off to select 1, 3, 5 and 7. The value of spins has a range from 1 to 810 tokens, distributed evenly among all active lines. RTP is kept secret, but active players have found that it is in the region of 95%, when the offline gaming salons used one-armed bandits with an indicator of 80 to 90%. Prize combinations are collected quite standard, starting from the edge of the drum and making a line of the minimum number of pictures of the three. The highest winning ratio can be obtained at x5000 for collecting a sequence consisting of three slot names. All line wins will be added up and if multiple combos are gathered on the same line, the most expensive one will be paid out.

Slot features

Information Options Mechanics
Type Video Slot Free Spins No Rolls 5
RTP: 98% Bonus Round Yes Rolls 3
Manufacturer Igrosoft Jackpot No Lines 9
Date of creation 2003 Risk game Yes Payouts On both sides
Mobile Yes Multiplier No Theme Cartoon

Despite the simple rules, the game nevertheless has its own intricacies and details that will make your results better:

  • The slot machine's payout percentage is at around 95%, while volatility is low, due to which payouts are quite frequent.
  • When you bet for 7-10 spins, there is a high probability that on the 11th spin comes a winning combo.
  • The more lines you activate, the higher the probability of winning. With Crazy Monkey you win on 9 lines, so activate them all.
  • This app has an average cycle, so divide up your bankroll for a long time.

You can see that even such a simple app has its peculiarities. If you understand what to expect when you bet, the result will come very soon!

crazy monkey slot machine description

Theme of the game

The fun and positive monkey machine has great functionality, which is somewhat similar to Fruit Cocktail. To make your gameplay as productive as possible in the game you will see the Wild symbol, the bonus token, and several stages of the prize rounds. If you like to take risks, increase your winning combinations in the risky rounds. Autospins mode by the numbers you enter in advance will give you time to grab a bite while the spins are spinning. Dispersion is medium and volatility is low. Also, do not forget about the excellent RTP rate, which is the most desirable characteristic, thanks to which visitors turn a blind eye to graphic shortcomings, attracting new fans. Such a hobby will bring you a lot of money if you approach this pastime wisely!


Winning combinations can be obtained on a roll of three or more of the same tokens on adjacent reels. Regardless of the right or left reel on the activated line. There are only six icons: butterflies, bananas, snakes, anvils, pineapples and lions. Special symbols are the gilded skull mask and the Crazy Monkey sign itself. The multipliers of these symbols will be applied to the beta amount and can be seen in the corresponding payout table. If you collect five logos you will get a fabulous multiplier slots of x5000. The golden mask, which has its own multipliers and can replace the lion, pineapple, anvil, snake, banana and butterfly symbols.

When you get a winning combination, you can start a risky multiplier game. If you want to start, click on the corresponding button and a screen will open with five cards. Choose one of them, and if it turns out to be higher than the dealer's chosen one, the winning amount will be doubled. You will then have to decide whether you want to finish and take the money, or continue. If the value is the same, another round will begin; if the card is smaller, you lose everything and continue spinning.


The developer Igrosoft was founded in 1999. Its activities began with the production of software for offline clubs. The market grew and the one-armed bandits had to be digitized. For over 20 years, the provider's products are still recognizable, relevant and in demand. The emphasis is on creating interesting bonus options, so Slot Igrosoft and are in high demand among gamblers. The interface of this is quite simple, very similar to the control devices in land establishments. Basic mode often allows you to play a spin on the 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols and 9 paylines. The reels usually have the classic Wild and Scatter sign, and compiling a combo can try to double the risk game. All video slots have a unique storyline and are well remembered due to the colorful characters.

Design and graphics

In the beginning, the slot machine Crazy Monkeys stood in the offline halls of gambling clubs. Externally, the video slot is the same as the original title. Even the panel with the buttons, which reminds us that the machine is a real veteran. The name of the slot is located on the left and right side of the space. Reels are on the background of bushes of greenery. Mistress of the Jungle amusingly controls the game. She accompanies everything that is happening on the field of active gestures and funny facial expressions. Monkeys have not aged with the years, they are still jumping around the screen and tend to diversify the gameplay. To start the spins you need to do the following. Select the size of the bet (key Bet) and the number of active lines (Lines), then you need to press Start, by which will run a single rotation. Clicking on Autoplay Monkeys will rotate automatically, you do not even have to participate. To learn all the rules and to see the table with the odds, you should click on the icon Help.

Gameplay slot machine Monkeys from Igrosoft

The gaming machine has a free opportunity to spin, nevertheless the money is stable and impressive, because you can break a big score thanks to the multiple paylines and bonus rounds. One coin equals one credit, and that does not change. Active lines can be controlled using the buttons under the reels. With their help, you can change the value of the bet, or influence the number of working lines (from 1 to 9). The maximum payout will be about x5000 of your bet. The RTP (theoretical percentage of return) is higher than 90%, so we can conclude about the low volatility of the slot.

Bottom of the screen are the buttons that make up the control panel. They make it possible to change the range of bets, as well as watch the information in the payout table presented. Among them there is a Start/Stop button. In addition, the control panel allows you to select any number of lines: nine, three, seven or five paylines that will work bets. To increase or decrease the bet level just click on the bet symbol - it's play quickly and easily.

Slot Interface

When going online the slot interface has improved significantly, and now you can even run Crazy Monkey, without spending your money and not registering on the portal. All settings are on the left and right side of the drums, and some elements on the screen allow you to use the computer mouse - flip cards in the risk game, pulling the ropes and click on boxes. It is not possible to save the machine to your mobile device, but due to the fact that the Flash software was converted to HTML, you can run it on your browser from your browser without even having to register.

The automatic version of starting scrolling remains the same uncomfortable: not only does the user lose the opportunity to run the risk game when he wins, but also can not run the bonuses - the computer makes the choice for the player. In this process you can intervene if you press Autoplay, but you need to react quickly, otherwise, while the visitor thinks, on the monkey already flies a brick or coconut and the level ends.


The slot is designed in the theme of African nature and culture, and the symbols picked appropriate, only the anvil icon stands out from the general row. Nevertheless, this can be explained by the key content for the bonuses. Small payout will be obtained for the combo of butterflies, bananas and snakes. The already larger money can be obtained for pineapples, lions and totem masks.

Crazy Monkey slot machine symbols

Butterfly 2 3 10
Banana 3 5 20
Snake 5 10 50
The Anvil 10 20 100
Pineapples 20 50 200
The Lion 30 100 500
Totem (mask) 100 500 2000
Logo 200 1000 5000

play online slot machine crazy monkey

To make it easier for users, the field can see the classic Wild icon, which looks like a totem - a tribal mask. This symbol is the second most valuable, which can complete a winning sequence by turning into any icon other than the logo itself. The second special icon is scatter, which is a monkey that triggers a bonus.

Slot Bonus Games

Promotions in Igrosoft machines give gamers a chance to win big money. Crazy Monkey has one additional game with two levels: "Ropes" and "Boxes". You can select the available presses on your screen by using the keys located in the menu on the left, or by clicking on the desired icon. The first level will start after the appearance of three symbols on the field, which shows the monkey. Open an additional screen in which there will be a monkey in the clearing, and from the trees hanging five ropes. Pulling the ropes regardless of the sequence you will receive rewards in the form of bananas falling from the top. If you make a mistake, a brick, anvil or anything else will fall on you along with the fruit, after which the bonus will be over. If, on the other hand, you successfully pull the ropes, you can immediately be on the next level.

Don't forget that when playing for big bets the monkey has an extra chance to cushion the fall of a heavy load - it will be wearing a helmet, so it can survive this fatal blow. In the next level, you'll have to pick one box out of two with question marks drawn on it. You have to find the one with the prize itself, not the pirate sign that says Loser. It's not easy to reach this round, but the prize level is also higher. Most Igrosoft machines feature the ability to increase the prize when using the risk game.

Risk game

The risk game looks like a card game, and can be activated at any time after winning. To do this, click on the Gamble button to open an additional window. You will need to play with a mysterious croupier, who will be the first to open the card. It will be necessary to open one of several cards lying shirt-side up to draw a higher rank. If you are lucky - the bet will be doubled and you can continue to try, if the rank was lower - you lose the money you won.

Crazy Monkey play for real money

To play the machine for money, register on the official portal of any verified casino. You will need it to get and withdraw money. After creating an account it is worth to go to replenish your balance with a convenient payment method. The game on your phone is exactly the same as the game on the PC. Next, you will need to decide how big your stake should be. The range of bets per line is from 1 to 80, and this figure is multiplied by the number of active lines. The more lines you have, the higher your bet will be. To play you will need to stick to a certain strategy. The first option is suitable for playing with minimum bets. The winnings will be small, but you will not risk your bankroll too much. 100 rubles will be enough for you to start with. Gradually increase your balance, and then withdraw them. The second option is for a larger balance. For example, fit 7 lines of 10 credits each. Then you can increase the lines and the size of the bet. Amounts will be much larger, especially if you fall bonus. This has a much greater risk, because the series of losses will deprive a significant amount.

Maximal winnings in a slot machine Monkeys

Maximalny can win about 125 thousand credits. However, if you are lucky during the bonus, the lucky gambler perepadet about 168,750 tokens, which are later converted into casino currency. This amount is a superprize according to the developers, although the jackpot in the standard sense is not.

Properties of the game Crazy Monkey

The main features of the video slot are the bonus game, which is divided into several levels of complexity. In addition, there is a classic risk game, which will also help increase your income. If you pass the first level without dying (and catching the falling anvil on his head - not a pleasant thing to do), you get to the second, where it will be a 50/50 choice - win or lose. Now the developer has oriented himself and started to create modern online casinos slightly changing the familiar design of the application.

Pros and cons of retro slot

In the transition to the online format the interface of the machine has transformed. It is now possible to run a demo mode, playing without creating an account for free tokens. The advantage of the slot is the standard frequent payouts, so even a long series of losses will not deprive you of your bankroll. The controls are simple and the interface is intuitive. This is a standard classic app that is popular with casino customers who played it decades ago. Download the machine to mobile devices is not possible, but due to the redesign of the software from Flash to HTML5, it is possible to run it on smartphones directly from the browser without registration and SMS.


What is Crazy Monkey Emulator?
Emulator game is an application on your computer, with which you can run any machine, emulating the actions on your smartphone. So you can download the program BlueStacks and run any machine in .apk format. Play from your PC without going to the browser to do so.
The game Monkey has an official website?
Monkey has only the official portal of the developer company Igrosoft, who released it. To play for money you will need to find a licensed casino portal, where the range will be Crazy Monkeys. In addition to the standard mode, there is a demo, where beginners can absolutely free to work out their tactics and strategy, to figure out how to play in order to later try their hand in the paid game. In addition, the training version can be downloaded to your computer.
Is it possible to break the Jackpot in this machine?
The traditional Jackpot is not here, but it can be replaced by a big multiplier of x5000, which, given the right circumstances, can be won when getting five logos Crazy Monkeys casino.
How to play Monkeys slots on a PC?
To do this, you can launch your browser, go to the site of a proven casino play with a license, register or login (log in), deposit your balance and run your first bet.
What is the main symbol in the Crazy Monkey?
The main symbol is the logo of the slot - Crazy Monkey. He is also the most expensive, and for 5 of these in a row you will get an increase in bet by x5000.
Where to download crazy monkey slot machine?
To do this, you first need to get a mobile app of your chosen gambling club, then log in, go to the range and choose Crazy Monkeys slot. After that you can play it from your smartphone or other electronic device.
Who is the developer of this machine?
The developer is the operator Igrosoft, who created a one-armed bandit back in 2003, and then moved it to the modern realities of the online world. There are a large number of popular images that bring good profits.
Is there a free version of the game Crazy Monkey?
Of course, for this you need to run a demo mode. With its help you can learn all the details, work out strategies and tactics, and even develop your own. And all this - for free, without spending your money. Once you gain experience, you can at any convenient moment to switch to the standard mode and start winning money.