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Crazy manky how to win - game secrets

It's no secret that the slot game is a program that gives and takes away depending on your luck. It is impossible to guess the very moment when the machine will decide to shower you with rewards, especially when it comes to playing in virtual space. If you used to just wait until a particular one-armed bandit saturated with money other players, and then sit down to play and get a huge kush in a matter of half an hour. But that time is gone. Now that the spread of virtual casinos everywhere, the question of how to win at Crazy Monkey is more relevant than ever.

crazy monkey how to win

Now it is possible to run a demo mode where you can practice and learn all the details and nuances of the game and after you understand what you are doing, start playing for money. Outsmart the program and use a good winnings, no matter what percentage return set the developers. At any time you can run Crazy Monkeys for free and without registration, so you do not spend money to get acquainted with the rules of the game.

  • strategy minimum bets
  • strategy to quickly increase winnings.

The first option is useful if you have a small bankroll so you do not risk too much. It is not supposed to get a big sum at once, the balance will increase slowly but surely. The other option implies a significant reserve of finances, which will give you a turn in a big way. It makes sense to leave a comment in order to get an answer.

Crazy monkey how to play - the rules of the slot

Game slot Crazy Monkey developed by Igrosoft. He has a widespread scheme, in which you can see the work of 5 reels, 3 rows each. Bets are placed on nine lines, some of which can be turned off to choose a smaller number - 1, 3, 5 and 7. Monkeys is a classic slot machine with unpretentious characters. He has a pretty primitive graphics, but it does not diminish the demand for the machine. Each icon or character is depicted in a fun way, but let the naivety of graphic token does not confuse you! Positive emotions will also cause you and interesting mechanics, because in addition to the standard set of Wild and Scatter symbols here are additional levels, with several main rounds.

On spins you can spend from 1 to 810 tokens, which are evenly distributed among all the selected lines. RTP machine developer has not disclosed, but experienced players have identified its approximate value of about 95%, which is much higher than it was in the era of offline gaming salons, when they used one-armed bandits with an index of 80 to 90%. The prize combination is easy to collect, from the left or rightmost reel should get a line, with a minimum set of three tokens. The highest odds for winning will be x5000 when collecting a sequence consisting of three slot names. Each winning amount on the lines will add up, and if several combos are gathered on the same line, the most expensive one will pay.

Winning lines

All the characteristics of the casino machine can be described in brief by such features:

  • The playing field with size 5x3.
  • Lines - 9 pieces, can be reduced to one.
  • Bonus, which consists of 2 levels when selecting items.
  • Gamble round, comparing cards with the real dealer.
  • There are some rules of the application that are not documented.

These secrets can be seen below:

  • Official RTP is not announced. Such information is not available on the company's portal.
  • All generosity levels are optional at the operator's discretion.
  • On the internet, various sources say an average RTP of 96%.

To play a certified video slot, find it on the provider's official portal in a separate selection, create your account, fund your balance and get to play!

Payout Table

Butterfly 2 3 10
Banana 3 5 20
Snake 5 10 50
The Anvil 10 20 100
Pineapples 20 50 200
The Lion 30 100 500
Totem (mask) 100 500 2000
Logo 200 1000 5000

To facilitate the casino visitor, a classic WIld icon sometimes appears on the playing field, looking like a mask of a tribe - a totem. This symbol comes second most expensive, completing winning combinations by transforming into any icons other than the most expensive. The second special icon is a scatter itself, which depicts a monkey, launching a bonus. It is necessary to start this day to earn large rewards on the site, because this is the most important thing!

Monkey slot bonus rounds

In the first phase of the game solution after you run three scatter you have to pull the string. On your screen there will be only five pieces. Each of the ropes will give you a winning reward. You can use the helmet once to protect yourself from the fall of a heavy item. To get a chance to go to the bonus bet must be 5 times the minimum bet. A falling banana means winning between 1 and 30 total bets. All other items will end this game. The money will immediately appear on your balance in the casino. In case you managed to pass the first stage and choose the right rope, in the second stage there will be two boxes in front of you. One of them will bring you a loss, and the remaining one will bring you a prize, ranging from x50 to x200 of the bet amount. There are only two tries, but if the decision falls on an empty box, the money is saved.

Ropes - first bonus round

crazy monkey scheme

The entry level is activated after three monkey symbols appear on the field to play. A separate window will appear showing a monkey and five ropes hanging from the surrounding trees. If you pull the rope, either a fruit or a heavy object will fall. If you choose correctly, you get extra gifts, and if the anvil falls, you lose. If, on the contrary, you successfully pull on the ropes, you can immediately be on the next level. Playing for higher stakes the monkey will have an extra chance of surviving a heavy hit. If you do so, you'll wear a helmet so the damage you take won't cost you your reward.

Question boxes - second bonus round

If you manage to complete the first round and guess where the fruit is located, you will participate in the second round. Now you'll have to guess which of the two boxes will contain the coveted multiplier. The remaining one will be empty. Experienced players recommend always to choose the left one, as it is in it that you can find the cherished number. It's likely that this is the software idea, so it's worth taking a chance to get your winnings.

Risk game

The casino's risk game is presented as a card selection and can be run after you receive your gift. Click on the Gamble button to open an additional window. You'll have to play one or more rounds with the dealer, who will automatically reveal the first card. Next, you'll need to choose one of the four lying side by side with the shirt up. Flip it over and if this card in the machine is a higher rank - you will double the amount won, the same will give you another try, and lower will stop the bonus at all. If you win you can keep repeating this action until you get lucky.

crazy monkey algorithm

The bonus game secrets

To win in this kind of machine game you need to try. It is quite profitable, clearly not worse than the risk game. Experienced players on the site have long noticed the basic laws, with which your chances to win multiply. Everyone knows that the first round follows, in which you have to choose one rope out of five to play afterwards. Depending on the choice made on the monkey will land either a banana or anvil. gamblers recommend to base your decision in this sequence: 1-2-3-4-5 or 1-3-5-4-2, because these combinations in practice show the best results. If you are lucky enough to make it to the second round, you have already been rewarded anyway. But to maximize the chance of earning even more, it is better to choose the left box among the two, because in practice it turned out to be much more winning. When applying these tricks you will now know how to beat the machine because it has already shared with you its generosity.

Crazy monkey winning patterns

Gamblers casinos with good experience often choose slot machines in which you can play doubling. This game option can be used after each spin, in which you are lucky. Nevertheless, you should understand that when you run the risk game you can also lose, zeroing out your bonus, so think carefully before starting the cycle. Crazy Monkey slot machines have several types of risk games. Sometimes the chance of winning can be equal to 50% if you have, for example, to guess the flowers of a closed card. Here, however, you have to choose among the four closed icons, the two with the higher denomination. If the choice is successful, the tour can continue if you wish. Due to the presence of such an opportunity, experienced users often beat the machine Monkey, and even Monkeys 2.

When successfully deciding chips Crazy Monkey for the first time must select the same place in the subsequent rounds. User experience tells us that more often than not the same scheme is higher than the dealer. Thus, having guessed the card once, you will already repeatedly increase profits. But in your future series, you should give preference to others. The game has been around for almost 20 years, and in all that time a lot of loopholes have been found that gave you the opportunity to win. More than a dozen versions of such software have come out, each of which has plugged holes in older versions, but there have also been new ones. Different online platforms use different variations, which in their opinion fit better. There is no universal advice on what is best, but it is recommended that you test the most popular ones. Diligence and testing is almost guaranteed to discover a way to win. Most often, gamblers advise on the machine:

  • In the doubling game, you need three times to abandon at the beginning as soon as you saw the dealer's mark, the fourth time will always win.
  • When you fall out a combination of three snakes is worth doubling the winnings.
  • When a combination of 4 lions appears, you should run the next spin on the maximum bet.

Tactics and game strategy

The visitors of Crazy Monkey have a goal not only to spin the reels of the machine, but also to increase their account through prize payouts. To do this, use the following tactics:

  • All. All 9 are activated with a rate of 1-2 credits for each.
  • All 3. Total bet is 3 Credits.
  • For 7. At each of them put on 35 credits.

This is if you stick to the easy schemes, however, some customers of the site use and more complicated tactics slot Crazy Monkeys, in which you need:

  • Activate 7 lines at a rate of 35 rubles. Make 2 spins.
  • Roll up to 70 credits. Run the reels 2 more times.
  • Activate all of them. Increase the amount to 90 credits, press 1 spin of the reels.

To increase your chances of getting the bonus play and make high bets when activating all lines.

Secrets of the crazy monkey slot machines

crazy monkey slot machine secrets

A lot of material can be found on the internet at the moment, which talks about how the slot can somehow be hacked by following the order of the number of active lines and the bet amount. These so-called schemes could bring success in older versions of Vulkan machines that were in offline casinos. Then the users of the game room watched the machine for a long time while others played or made small bets, and then changed the number of lines or the amount and win big.

Online casinos such a scheme can not work, because they are as easy to crack. Video slot algorithms created by the provider Igrosoft have been tested on millions of versions to protect against such exploitation. Slots that have low to medium volatility, like Crazy Monkey, give you the opportunity to apply various financial chips:

  • Calculate the necessary bankroll.
  • Start with a small bet that can be protected in the bonus round.
  • Rise when losing within 50-100 spins.

Often the minimum on a gambling platform that gives high returns is 45 ₽ per spin. For Crazy Monkeys is worth stocking up on a bankroll containing about 200-250 such values. In addition, to get stable winnings do not forget to use the many bonus casino. The machine is well suited to wagering any incentives.